Thursday, 29 October 2009

Boris Bally

Gorgeous !

like this

Very architectural !
Beaded wire used to make lots of hoops and all linked together !

Some of Joannes work

My given Jeweller to be inspired by !

Ive decided to start a blog ! arrhh.... Lets see how this goes.
For my current project at uni my class has been given a jeweller to research and be inspired by. We've to look into their inspiration, techniques and philosophy.
My jeweller has a blog so she can share how her work is progressing, her interests and little bits of nothing ! I think she uses it for whatever she feels.
So here I am.....

Joanne Thompsons work has alot of Unit Construction so im thinking of using one or two shapes and multiplying them and adding a little beading.
Lets see how this turns out.....hmmmm.....